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Say Goodbye to Cold Feet: Enjoy Warmth and Comfort

Introducing the Everdry Underfloor Heating System – the perfect solution for a warm and cozy home. With our underfloor heating system, you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of a heated home without the high energy bills.

Energy-Efficient and Affordable

Our underfloor heating system is designed to be energy-efficient and is also low-maintenance, saving you money in the long run.

Allergy-Friendly and Hygienic

Our Everdry Undertile Heating System is perfect for allergy sufferers as it does not create any air movement or circulate dust and other allergens, making it an allergy-friendly and hygienic choice.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

The installation process is quick and easy, and you can have your underfloor heating up and running in no time.

Radiant Heat for Optimal Comfort

Our radiant underfloor heating systems use radiant heat, which is a comfortable and energy-efficient way to heat your home. Radiant heat warms the objects in the room, creating a cozy atmosphere that you’ll love to come home to. With our Everdry Undertile Heating System, you can experience a new level of comfort and coziness in your home.

Everdry underfloor heating is a twin conductor heating cable for ease installation and very low EMF. I-cable is a cable suitable for use for all kinds of rooms concrete, tile underlay over plywood or everdry insulation and shower bases.

Our radiant & electric underfloor heating systems underfloor heating system provides  warmth and comfort to your home. No more cold feet or chilly rooms, just a cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy. The system is installed under the tiles, and the radiant heat emanates from the floor, providing a comfortable temperature in your living space.

Flooring Types

Undercarpet heating is the ultimate heating solution for any home, providing even heat distribution and a comfortable living space. At Everdry, we offer expertly installed undercarpet heating solutions to ensure the ultimate comfort in your home. With our range of heating mats, you can choose the right size for your room, and our team will install it with precision and care. Our undercarpet heating solutions offer efficient and effective heating solutions for every room in your home.

Our heating system is specifically designed to work with wood and laminate flooring, providing optimal thermal conductivity for fast and efficient heating. Unlike traditional in-screed heating, our system can be installed quickly and easily without the need for any additional construction work.

Our wood and laminate floor heating system is built to last, with a spring-like core wire that can withstand heavy furniture, snooker tables, stiletto heels, and other household items.

Our underfloor heating system provides warmth and comfort to your home. No more cold feet or chilly rooms, just a cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy. The system is installed under the tiles, and the radiant heat emanates from the floor, providing a comfortable temperature in your living space.




Don’t let cold feet and high heating bills ruin your winter. Order your Everdry Undertile Heating System today and experience the comfort and coziness of a heated home. Contact us to learn more about our products or to schedule an installation. We’re here to help you stay warm and comfortable all year round.

Explore our under-tile heating solutions in NZ, including electric under-tile heating, hotwire underfloor heating, and dynamic underfloor heating controls. Then, contact the Everdry experts for a free consultation and quote.

15 year product guarantee

Underfloor Heating - NZ - Frequently Asked Questions

Everdry Underfloor Heating in NZ operates efficiently through a twin conductor heating cable, delivering radiant heat. 

Installed beneath your tiles, this system ensures a consistently comfortable temperature in your living space. 

By leveraging advanced underfloor heating technology, Everdry offers an energy-efficient solution for warmth and coziness. 

Experience the benefits of underfloor heating in NZ, where the system is designed to keep your home comfortably heated while minimizing energy consumption. 

Trust Everdry for cutting-edge underfloor heating that enhances the warmth and comfort of your living environment.

Absolutely, the Everdry Underfloor Heating System stands out as a pinnacle of energy efficiency, providing a warm and cozy home without the burden of high energy bills.

Recognised as some of the best underfloor heating in NZ, our system is meticulously designed to optimise energy consumption while delivering unparalleled comfort. 

Embrace the benefits of a sustainable and cost-effective heating solution with Everdry, where cutting-edge technology meets the demand for superior underfloor heating solutions.

Say goodbye to chilly spaces and welcome an energy-efficient approach to a warm, inviting home. Choose Everdry for the best underfloor heating in NZ.

The Everdry Undertile Heating System is a haven for allergy sufferers, distinguishing itself with an allergy-friendly and hygienic design. 

By eliminating air movement and preventing the circulation of dust and allergens, our underfloor heating system provides a clean and comfortable environment. 

Ideal for those seeking electric underfloor heating systems, Everdry prioritises not only warmth but also a health-conscious approach. 

Embrace a hygienic living space with our innovative heating solution, offering the perfect balance of comfort and well-being. 

Discover the superior advantages of Everdry for underfloor heating, redefining the standards for electric heating systems.

Certainly! The Everdry Underfloor Heating System is exceptionally versatile, suitable for installation in any room or space, regardless of your home’s size or layout. 

Wherever your property is located, our underfloor heating in Christchurch, NZ offers unmatched flexibility. 

Enjoy the luxury of warmth in every corner of your home with Everdry’s innovative technology. Elevate your comfort without limitations – install our underfloor heating system effortlessly, making any room a cozy haven. 

Experience the best underfloor heating in Christchurch, NZ, and beyond, ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout your living space with Everdry’s adaptable heating solution.

Radiant underfloor heating systems involve the transfer of warmth through electromagnetic waves, providing an efficient and comfortable heating method. 

With underfloor heating in NZ, radiant heat warms objects and surfaces in a room, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

The benefits are remarkable, including energy efficiency, even heat distribution, and a reduction in allergens. 

Radiant underfloor heating systems excel in maintaining a consistent temperature and eliminating cold spots. 

This method enhances comfort and energy savings, making it a preferred choice for underfloor heating in NZ. Embrace the warmth and efficiency of radiant heat for a luxurious living space.