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Often when tiled showers are installed, they either do not have a water stop installed, or the water stop is of poor construction or is not installed to the correct standard.

Our water stops will ensure tiled shower reliability and make sure the homeowner has many hassle and worry free years from their shower.

Level Entry Style Waterstop

The Level Entry Water-stop provides a vertical leg that prevents moisture migration from a wet area tracking under the tiles. The Water-stop has fall built in at a 1:50 rate. The Level Entry Water-stop is designed to have the membrane applied over the Water-stop as per AS3740.

Nib/Hob Style Waterstop

The Nib/Hob Water-stop prevents water from tracking under the nib tiles and down the nib. This allows for the shower screen to be placed either on the shower side of the nib or for the shower screen to be place center of the nib. The Water-stop is installed and waterproofed over as above. This profile comes in black and silver colour’s.

Step-Down Style Waterstop

The Stepdown Water-stop incorporates a 10mm step down that allows for the shower area to sit at a lower height than the bathroom floor. This allows for a clean finish where the shower screen can sit within the shower area. The membrane is applied over the Water-stop as per AS3740.

Side Panel Style Waterstop

The Side Panel Water-stop is used for a mono fall channel drain type shower floor. The Water-stop allows for the shower screen to be placed on a supported ledge with the vertical upstand of the Water-stop sitting directly behind the shower screen. The Water-stop is waterproofed over.

Doorway Waterstop

The Doorway Water-stop prevents moisture from exiting a bathroom area and is a requirement as per E3/AS2 of the Code of Practice and AS3740.

Wall Waterstop

The Wall Water-stop is just as important to prevent water migration as all floor Water-stops . The Wall Water-stop is installed in the same manner as noted in the above image.

NT Waterstops make your tiled shower more reliable, and provide you, the homeowner, with peace of mind. They are strong and durable for all tiled shower types, guaranteed for the life time of your shower.