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Heat the room from the floor up

Everdry is a New Zealand owned company, committed to supplying and installing underfloor heating, waterproofing system, thermostats, heaters and more for all of your project needs.

The shift to clean energy is driving more people to seek out homes that are highly insulated and require less energy. Not only does electric underfloor heating make ecological sense, it makes economic sense too.

Our underfloor electric heating and waterproofing products offer unbeatable quality and performance.

We offer the full bathroom package installing underfloor heating, showerbases and waterproofing, so you can be sure your bathroom will meet our high standards.

Invest in your


Under Floor Heating Solutions


Underfloor heating is a great way to heat your home as it transforms your floor into a radiant heater.

Underfloor heating under tiles or stone is especially desired in bathrooms, kitchens and high heat loss areas. Due to the excellent thermal properties they possess, they turn your floor into a heated floor quickly and energy-efficiently. They can be heated to temperatures over 29°C, providing you with optimal control and comfort of your living space.

Water proofing, wet rooms and shower systems

Everdry offers professional bathroom waterproofing services, including toilet and shower waterproofing, to New Zealand homes.

Wet areas, bathrooms and laundries are particularly critical areas to protect from moisture damage, and they must be waterproof (or water resistant) to comply with New Zealand code.

We can supply your new home with the equipment and technology you need to avoid the risk of water damage.


We are the only company in New Zealand to offer the Litokol Italian products.


Underfloor heating takes the chill out of the tiles and controlling your heating with a thermostat means that your home is warm when you want and the heating is off when you are not at home. Our touchscreen controller thermostats come with a five-year warranty.

Enjoy the comfort of warm floors and comfortable room temperatures.

15 year product guarantee